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Don't get burned out on diabetes care

When you have diabetes, you're on the job managing the disease seven days a week. And diabetes requires a lot of vigorous management so you can stay healthy and avoid serious complications.

It's easy to feel stressed about the care required by the disease. And unless you address the stress, you may be at risk for full-blown diabetes burnout—a point at which you might become too frustrated and downhearted to take good care of yourself.

If you feel on the verge of diabetes burnout, here are some steps to help shift your mindset:

Seek support. Talk about your feelings with family, friends and your primary care provider. Consider joining a diabetes support group or reaching out to someone with diabetes who may understand the challenges you face.

"Try adopting one new change at a time," says Endocrinologist Marina Russo, MD. "Maybe you need to exercise more or make adjustments to how you eat so that you have better glucose control. You can feel overwhelmed if you take on too much. Set small, doable goals so you won’t feel frustrated by unrealistic aims, like quickly losing a lot of weight."

Accept imperfection. You won’t hit your diabetes goals every time. Just do your best and realize that you're only human.

Ask your diabetes care team for help. They may be able to reduce your diabetes-related stress by adjusting your daily routine so that it’s less rigid but still effective.

Sources: American Association of Diabetes Educators; American Diabetes Association

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